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Many estheticians are never taught how important a thorough consultation is and how it plays a role, not only in the treatment process, but also in building a relationship with the client. You can learn the products to use on a cient, the treatments that will give the results your client is looking for and usually if they have a problem with their skin, why....

Do not underestimate the value and importance of the consultation form and how it plays a major role in results, sales and marketing. 

This video/lesson is designed to teach you not only why but how to use your confidential client chart to get the best results for your client, increase sales of products and treatments and improve client retention!

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Jo Benoit

Jo Ann Benoit, a person who knows what her mission is, has been involved in the skincare industry for over 30 years. In that time, she researched various skin care product lines, studied Naturopathy, and has been a consultant and aesthetician in private practice and for physicians, as well as a Laser Technician. Ms. Benoit also worked with the University of Connecticut’s Department of Dermatology, the Clearwater Dermatology and Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery in Florida. Always a student, Ms. Benoit trained in Paris, becoming the National Educator for Matis-Paris prior to educating the staff of several National Companies. However, since she believes “there is no end to education” she continues to study, train and share her knowledge and experience.In 1997 there were only two companies holding the patents for manufacturing microdermabrasion equipment in the USA, and there were no educators for the procedures. Ms. Benoit purchased one of the first aesthetician model microdermabrasion machines sold in the United States from Derma Genesis. She assisted them, other companies and aestheticians to develop the protocols for Microdermabrasion treatments for both crystal and diamond methods. The ever changing world of skin care inspired her to evolve and specialize in medical spa consulting, yet because her passion has always been in education and training, she integrated education with her consulting profession. Ms. Benoit has provided training for aestheticians, spa professionals and medical staff. For the past five and a half years, she has worked as the Lead of the Esthetic’s department developing programs for Academy Di Capelli, including a Para-Medical Aesthetician Program. “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”…. Sydney J. Harris, yes envisioning innovating and creating a Series of training videos highlighted on this website, Ms. Benoit, considers herself a Holistic Skin Care Therapist and Para-Medical Aesthetician is now sharing her knowledge and experience with other professionals using the latest techniques and technologies to reach and benefit the modern aesthetician, with hands-on classes, videos and website, welcome to www.Educationtreeofcosmetology.comTurning mirrors into windows to help you learn the keys that unlock the doors to your success!

Course curriculum

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    • Consultations Study Sheet

    • Client Chart Front Example

    • Explanation of Example Chart

    • Client Chart Back - Example

    • Explanation of the Back of Chart

    • 1 Tips for the Client Chart

    • Client Chart Blank - Printout

    • Client Chart Back - Printout

    • Study Sheet Answers

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    Consultations, Sales and Marketing

    • Consultation Video Lesson