Course Description


The purpose of this Video Series is to strengthen your analysis skills to assist you in building a strong foundation for client treatments and product sales. The Video/Lessons include both the Skin Types and the Skin Conditions video/lessons and all the downloads of both programs. By learning to recognize the client’s true skin type and condition(s) you will become more confident in tratments, product use  and sales.

This is a Certificate of Completion program and you will receive 3 certificates once you have completed the program: 


IMPROTANT: This VIDEO LESSON gives you unlimited access to the videos and downloads for this lesson plan for a period of 120 Days. 

Please download all documents during this period as they will not be available after your lesson period has expired. 

Videos are not permitted to be downloaded.

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LE /Director of Education- CEO of Education Tree of Cosmetology

Jo Benoit

Jo (Ann) Benoit has been involved in the skincare industry for over 30 years. In that time, she researched various skin care product lines, studied Naturopathy, and has been a Laser Technician, consultant and aesthetician in private practice, as well as for physicians. Ms. Benoit also worked with the University of Connecticut’s Department of Dermatology, Clearwater Dermatology and Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery in Florida. Always a student herself, Ms. Benoit trained in Paris, becoming the National Educator for Matis-Paris prior to educating the staff of several National Companies. However, since she believes “there is no end to education” she continues to study, train and share her knowledge and experience.

Course curriculum

  • 1



    • Study Sheet: Skin Anaylsis Overview

    • Skin Analysis 101 Overview

    • Skin Analysis Overview TEST

  • 2

    Skin Type - Dry

    • Study Sheet: Dry Skin

    • Skin Type DRY

    • DRY - Needs, Benefits & Ingredients

    • Skin Type Dry TEST

  • 3

    Skin Type - OILY

    • Study Sheet: Oily Skin

    • Skin Type OILY

    • OILY - Needs, Benefits & Ingredients

    • Skin Type Oily TEST

  • 4

    Skin Type - COMBINATION

    • Study Sheet: Combination Skin

    • Skin Type - COMBINATION

    • COMBINATION - Needs, Benefits & Ingredients

    • Skin Type Combination TEST

  • 5

    Skin Conditions - Dehydrated

    • Study Sheet: Dehydration

    • Skin Conditions - DEHYDRATION

    • DEHYDRATED- Needs, Benefits & Ingredients

    • Skin Condition DEHYDRATION TEST

  • 6

    Skin Condition - Sensitive

    • Study Sheet: Sensitive

    • Skin Condition - SENSITIVE

    • SENSITIVE - Needs, Benefits & Ingredients

    • Skin Condition - Sensitive TEST

  • 7

    Skin Condition - Mature/Stressed

    • Study Sheet: Mature/Stressed Skin

    • Skin Condition - MATURE/STRESSED

    • MATURE/STRESSED - Needs & Benefits

    • Anti Aging Skin Modalities & Suggested Ingredients

    • Skin Condition MATURE/STRESSED TEST

  • 8

    Skin Condition - ACNE

    • Study Sheet: Acne

    • Skin Condition - ACNE

    • ACNE 2 - Needs and Benefits

    • ACNE: Review and Ingredients

    • Skin Condition ACNE TEST

  • 9

    Skin Condition - PIGMENTATION

    • Study Sheet: Pigmentation

    • Skin Condition - PIGMENTATION

    • PIGMENTATION - Needs, Benefits & Ingredients

    • Skin Condition Pigmentation TEST

  • 10


    • Electrical - Light Contraindications

    • Consultation Study Sheet Answers

  • 11

    Consultations, Sales And Marketing

    • Study Sheet: Consultation

    • Consultation, Sales and Marketing - Video

    • Blank Client Chart (Front) - Printout

    • Client Chart Back - Printout

    • 1 Tips for the Client Chart - Video

    • Client Chart Front Example

    • Explanation of Example Chart

    • Client Chart Back - Example

    • Explanation of the Back of Chart